13/09/2021 2-year Kilosa-Kilombero licence extension
09/09/2021 Notice to Shareholders Regarding Restructuring Discussions
19/07/2021 Impact of Panafrican Court of Appeal ruling on Swala
07/06/2021 Sale of 25,000,000 Class 1 Senior Notes listed on the CSX
22/01/2021 Sale of 25,000,000 listed Class A Senior Notes
20/01/2021 AGM Resolutions and Results
28/12/2020 AGM Announcement 2019
28/12/2020 Taarifa ya Mkutano Mkuu 2019
19/08/2020 Initial Directors Interest Notices
18/08/2020 Relinquishment of Block D
16/06/2020 Update on TPL dispute
02/04/2020 Discontinuance of Action Against the Company and Current and Former Directors
26/03/2020 Notice of Interim Office Closure
31/01/2020 Notice of AGM
31/01/2020 AGM announcement 2020
31/01/2020 Full Agenda AGM 2019
19/12/2019 Release of 2018 Audited Accounts
05/12/2019 Swala Requires Tata Petrodyne Limited to Withdraw from Licence
19/11/2019 Update on Operations and Discussions with Orca
05/11/2019 Update on Partial Interruption of Songo Songo Production
11/10/2019 Notice Of Directors Interest
11/10/2019 Initial Directors Interest Notice
11/10/2019 Substantial Holder Notice
07/10/2019 Update on Tanzania Operational Results
06/09/2019 Announcement of Appointment of Orca Advisors
26/07/2019 Revised proposal for Orca Exploration Group Inc.
03/06/2019 Proposal for Orca Exploration Group Inc.
06/05/2019 Swala declares Force Majeure under the Kilosa-Kilombero PSA
01/04/2019 Update on Financing Agreements
01/04/2019 Termination of Investment Agreement
20/03/2019 2018 AGM Minutes (English)
20/03/2019 2018 AGM Minutes (Swahili)
11/01/2019 Amended MemArts
11/01/2019 AGM 2018 Notice of Meeting
11/01/2019 Operational update by PAET
12/12/2018 Distribution of Swala shares to Swala Energy investors
10/12/2018 US$30 million convertible note placement completed
20/11/2018 Permit application opens way to drilling Kito-1 in 2019
19/10/2018 Swala to focus on private funding
01/10/2018 Change of funding structure and SEM extension
03/09/2018 Swala lifts KK Force Majeure
31/08/2018 Swala extension communique under SEM rules
07/08/2018 Swala communique under SEM rules
07/08/2018 SEM approves Swala bond listing
06/08/2018 Trading halt during equity investment discussions
27/07/2018 Trading halt during equity investment discussions
16/07/2018 Swala provides update to Orca transaction
02/07/2018 Swala announces two week extension following move to Mauritius
30/05/2018 Swala enters into Memorandum of Understanding for Kilosa-Kilombero permits
14/05/2018 Swala announces further extension of the 2nd and 3rd Investment Dates
23/04/2018 Swala declares Force Majeure under the Kilosa-Kilombero PSA
03/04/2018 Swala announces extension to the second and third closing dates of the ORCA investment
23/02/2018 Swala response to TPDC'S recent Press Statements
23/02/2018 Majibu ya Swala kuhusu taarifa ya hivi karibuni ya TPDC kwa vyombo vya habari
12/02/2018 Swala repays Intercompany loan with the SWE Creditors Trust
02/02/2018 Results of the Resolutions of the 2017 AGM
12/01/2018 Notice of AGM 2017
02/01/2018 Material Contract – Investment Agreement in respect of PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation
02/01/2018 Material Contract – Shareholder Agreement in respect of PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation
02/01/2018 Swala to invest $130 million in PanAfrican Energy
04/10/2017 New Directors to Reinforce Swala Board
04/10/2017 Update on Pangani Settlement with Otto Energy
14/08/2017 Swala Confirms Investments Discussion with Orca Exploration Group Inc
10/08/2017 Swala Oil and Gas (Tz) Plc. Plans Local Bond Offering
04/07/2017 Tanzania's Approval of New Natural Resources Bills
22/06/2017 Swala Agrees Loan Settlement & Share Distribution to SWE Shareholders
30/05/2017 Swala & Otto Settlement
12/05/2017 Update on Material Transaction
05/04/2017 Kilosa Kilombero License Update 2017
29/03/2017 Swala issues Otto with Notice of Withdrawal
03/03/2017 DSE Release re Kilosa Kilombero Extension
03/03/2017 Termination of the Default Dispute Against Swala
15/02/2017 Clarification of Newspaper Articles
28/10/2016 Swala AGM Notice 2016
12/10/2016 Swala engages Exotix Partners to raise up to 120 million for project finance
03/10/2016 Kito Exploration Well Update
26/09/2016 Surestream Burundi Acquisition
02/08/2016 Clarification to Otto Announcement
01/08/2016 SOGTL non approval of Otto Farm Down
30/06/2016 Swala Australia Voluntary Administration
16/06/2016 Trading of Shares Recommences
07/06/2016 Extension to Voluntary Suspension
15/03/2016 Independent review increases resources and identifies new leads
19/10/2015 Receipt of Funds from Tata for Farm-out of Licence Interests
08/10/2015 Successful Completion of Farm-out of Kilosa-Kilombero and Pangani Licence Interests to TPL
01/10/2015 AGM Notice
31/08/2015 License Extension to progress drilling campaign
06/08/2015 Ministerial Consent Farm Out
01/06/2015 Successful Farm-Down of the Licences
07/01/2015 Successful Completion of 2014 Seismic Programme Over Kilombero Basin
29/10/2014 Kilombero Seismic Showing Evidence of Multiple Structures
02/10/2014 Successful Completion of Seismic Acquisition Survey in the Moshi Basin
25/08/2014 Commencement of the 2014 Seismic Acquisition Survey in Pangani
11/08/2014 Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) Plc Debut on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
22/07/2014 Swala's Initial Public Offering Oversubscribed
19/06/2014 Swala IPO - Frequently Asked Questions
18/06/2014 Swala Finance Director to Present at Conference
09/06/2014 Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) Plc Announces Launch of IPO
10/06/2014 Swala IPO prospectus
27/05/2014 CMSA Approval of Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) Plc's Prospectus